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Installing Tachometer in an automatic


LawnSite Member
I have an '87 3/4 truck with TH400. I want to install a tachometer on the dash but as far as I can tell my distributor cap doesn't have a special hook up on it like the older distributors. Is there a spot on it that I don't see or do I have to set it up differently. If I do have to do it different how do I go about doing it? I'd appreciate any help.

John DiMartino

LawnSite Silver Member
If you hava an EFI 350 or 454,the ignition coil has 2 2wire connectors on it.on set goes to the module under the cap,the other set is the power and tach wires,these are the ones you need.there should be a thick pink or orange wire and a white wire,the white is the tachometer -.T-tap it or splice it there or if you want a cleaner appearance or more weathertight spot,pull the ECM down from behind the glovebox and find the white wire there too.Good luck<p>----------<br>John D<br>