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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by danslawncare, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. danslawncare

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    I got a call today to install a yard. I went over there, needs leveling, i assume with landscape rake, and then to be seeded. How do you guys start new yards. The customer does not want sod, although i'm interested on learning how to do that too. Any comments on how to do either would be very much apprechated! I have a tractor. Thanks!
  2. John P.

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    lots of top soil, depending on the lot size and how uneven it is, you might want a bob-cat to grade it. Or just rent or if you have one a larger roto tiller and break up everything. seed it and don't have traffic on it for a while and water it alot. Some guys say after about 3 weeks of watering it DON'T keep watering it the grass will rely on your source of water too much and not be strong healthy grass. IS THERE ALREADY SOMEWHAT OF A LAWN THERE???
  3. John P.

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    I'M from Illinois too can i ask what part you are from and working out of?
  4. John B Laidlaw

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    It's not as easy as JohnP has made it out to be. When installing any turf area as well as any landscape, one must go through many procedures to determin information and to establish communication. For example, what recourse do you or the customer take if something goes wrong? A site analysis is a must also. You have to know your grade and drainage. It could be as simple as puting in a swale or more complicated like a french drain. Take into consideration any permits and legal stuff like liability etc. Maybe the best thing is to subcontract and watch/learn.
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  5. danslawncare

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    THe lawn is in good flat shape, just needs to be leveled, and seeded. The dirt must be pretty good, lots of foreign grasses. I'm from Lemont about 50 minutes south of Lake Zurich. I have an unlce who lives there!
  6. mbella

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    Has the area already been finish graded by an excavator? If so, issues like drainage should have been taken care of and should be the responsibility of the person who did the finish grading.

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