Installs in Texas


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Anyone else slammed already? We just booked through mid March. I think this may be a year for the record books if City of Austin does not shut down Irrigation permits.


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South Florida
We've been slammed all winter; mostly renovations & upgrades.

We've been handing off smaller jobs.

Building is picking up in some areas but too much cut throating for me to consider throwing in a bid.

Dryest winter in recent history here, expect another dry and busy summer season.


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Near Raleigh NC
Busy year for sure for us.

Commerical installations are rollin! We've been real lucky landing two handfuls
of big sized projects some we have started already and some will hit in a month, some later this year.

This january due to the mild weather, i think i have only taken a couple of days off due to rain.

I usually keep my business facebook page updated of jobs we've landed, for folks to see.