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Instant Lawns logo

Timi The Sod Lover

LawnSite Member
markham TO
Hello everyone,

So after some fairly in depth research and initial planning our company will be launching this spring:rolleyes:
The premise of the company is the following: The city of --------- is lacking a simple, quick, and one-stop solution to lawn sodding and resodding. In much the same way as Junk removal services have become a commoditized service, so too should the concept of quickly installed lawns from professional-grade sod.
Mission statement: To provide the best quality, quickest, and most professional lawn installation service in -----------.

I wouldn't mind some feedback on our logo. However for any old timers or ancient thinking contractors you MUST keep in mind this is a forward thinking, original, 2010 landscaping company. Almost entirely paperless and making full use of our best friends: technology and the internet.

For anyone who's looking to run there company more efficiently we highly recommend the following software;
1) ServiceeSidekick
2) Team Work project management
3) Quickbooks online (fully integrated with service sidekick)

* Also ignore the different shade of purple half way in and if you don't get the concept of the logo its the "Tada" effect with the wand representing magic/ an instant lawn.

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