Instead of Double Cutting!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by River Hill, Apr 18, 2000.

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    Brians:<br>I realize this is little help for you but I am in the same situation. However, I use a Great Dane ZTR 61&quot; w/25 horse. What I do is go over the lawn with the deck on 5&quot; and make a second run on 3.5&quot;. The changeover is a snap and you don't even get off the mower or stop the engine. The result is a lawn that looks bagged even in soking wet conditions. Now this is a whole lot better than bagging and the second run does not take that long. <br>On big jobs the rest of the crew uses walk behinds with velkes. I do the sensitive areas with the Dane.<br>It's going to be hard not to double cut and 5&quot; is not going to do the trick. 5&quot; = unhappy customers in a day or so and you will hear about it regardless of the rain. You'd be better off to double cut and let the schedule fall where it may.<br>Best advice is to get a strike force of mowers and people for the spring and cut daylight untill dark to make up. What you spend in extra expenses is worth knowing that you are not really behind even though it is raining every day.
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    Change your mowing rates to hourly then you will be covered for MOTHER NATURE wheather you double mow, collect, or mow + blow.Same goes for the fall season when the leaves start falling,more time spent because of MOTHER NATURE.

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