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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by caleb_harlan, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. caleb_harlan

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    Over the last few years I have become really concerned about what the sun is doing to my skin. I am a redhead and burn all the time. Over the years I have noticed that shading yourself from the sun really keeps you cooler. I got an idea from the Tennis Austrian Open. The ball boys were wearing long sleeves and a hat flap in the extreme heat. Don’t slam me for this, this year I am thinking about wearing long sleeves and a cloth that hangs from my hat to cover my shoulders.
    Before you start replying, think about this.
    1.In the desert climate, people wear tons of layers to shade against sun.
    2.Having a wet towel over your head and shoulders feels so good on hot days. (I do it when it gets in 100's)
    3. The clothing absorbs the radiant heat of the sun, as your skin is able to breath and sweat.
    4. Most important it keeps the sun off the skin.
    5. Tons of other reasons for it.

    Has anybody tried this? What do you think?
  2. ConPro

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    I think you'll look unprofessional and be hot as he[[. But you go right ahead.
  3. Ed Ryder

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    I wear a baseball style hat that has a flap in the rear that covers the back of my neck. What I like about it is it keeps the back of my neck from becoming leatherly from being fried in the sun all the time, and it also keeps **** like pine needles from going down the back of my shirt (and into my underwear:eek: )

    I have often worn long sleave shirts during the peak sun times to keep the searing hot sun from frying my arms. I find it makes me hotter and does not have a cooling effect. When the sun is not so strong I enjoy some relief by taking the long sleaves off. I feel the protection is better than just sunscreen.

    I always use sunscreen now too. I've been using a 30 rated lotion. It works. I tan easily, but I am concerned about what all this time in the sun does to skin. It does surely have an impact. For you youngsters who don't beileve me, you'll see what I'm talking about with time.

    And I wear UV rated sunglasses for the eyes.

    And never shorts.

    And I don't run around my customers properties shirtless, eventhough I have a good physique. (My record is 24 pull-ups in one shot :D )
  4. TaussigLawnCare

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    last summer when it got hella hot we wore cowboy hats with the tops cut out lol and they really kept your whole head shaded but then we looked like hicks but it helped. I never were long sleeves and I do were shorts but I always like to wear boots thats just me though oh and I go shirtless alot my gf wants me ton haha
  5. Mike Bradbury

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    Just get some Coolmax or other wickable fabric shirts (and hats). You'll be COOLER than you were before. They pull moisture AWAY from your skin, cooling you down and evaporating it. You never get the nasty soaked cotton feeling. Amazing stuff and I wouldn't live without it. I also wear a hat with the flap in back. Check Sierra, REI, Campmor, for great deals on wickables.
    When I used to ride my bike with cotton T's (loved cotton) I would come back from a good workout sweat soaked down to my belly button. Same workout now, with wickables, and I come back DRY!! (the air movement at 15mph drys the sweat as fast as you put it out! Won't work that well without the air movement, but even if you get soaked, it dries about 10 times faster than cotton.
    You are VERY wise to take the sun risk seriously! Especially with your skin tone!
    To any mature, thinking adult, you'll look MORE professional. (and smarter):blush:

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