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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MWM, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. MWM

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    I am curious if other companies run into this situation. I have a few employees that are able to get insurance personally but are not insurable on our companies policy.
    The reasons may range from DUI to DUS or driving without insurance. All of these keep an employee from being insurable on our policy for a lot longer than they have to wait personally.
    I understand that our insurance company is trying to keep the incident rate low for my benefit but at times it seems overkill and a double standard.

    It stinks having to hire a laborer driver for a foreman that is probably more experience driving a larger truck or truck and trailer but he can't because of a mistake.

    Does anyone have any options?
  2. J&R

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    I have 4 drivers listed on my Insurance now. no problem so far. the problem i have most new employees don't even have drivers lic.
  3. MWM

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    I can relate to that. Sometimes though we find a few that "think they are ok"

    By the way saw the tag line at the bottom of your post. Thank you for your service to our country that allows me and my family all the privileges we enjoy.
  4. J&R

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    MWM- Thank you Richard
  5. Brother1

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    Here's another thanks J&R. I don't think many people my age and younger (34) realize the freedoms we have and how many people sacrificed to allow us to live the way we do. Some of us truly appreciate all you and other veterans have done for us. Too bad the general population doesn't seem to remember or feel the same way at times.
  6. paponte

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    My insurance covers the actual vehicle itself, despite who is driving it. I have never been asked by the company to list all drivers. I do know of friends in the same situation though. Guess I have just been lucky so far. (Knock on wood) :cool:
  7. Qualey

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    What carier do you use? This is a common problem I have as well. I am going to have to let one of my men go because in the past 4 years he has had 5 moving violations (no drunk drivings, just speeding). I hate to see him go because he is good at what he does, but my rate will triple to keep him on.

  8. J&R

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    You need to check with your Insurance co. what they don't tell you might come back to bite you. My insurance agent never told. I had too i asked and was informed that unless you list the drivers they were not covered. I have Allstate com. ins.
  9. TSM

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    from MA
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    won't this vary from state to state?

    we dont list drivers on our policy. I have discussed this many times with insurance agent. He told me as long as they have an active policy (their own personal vehicle) that they are listed on then, yes, they are covered to drive our trucks. If they do not have an active policy, then they must be listed on ours.
  10. paponte

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    I have our auto ins. through Windsor. Never had a problem, and yes it does cover the vehicle itself. My buddy is an insurance broker, I will ask him for you guys and see if there is any legal way around it. Just give me a day or two, I am currently on vacation. :cool:

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