Insurance and Business License for Minors

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CollegeCash, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. CollegeCash

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    I know a minor cannot legally use a contract, but can they get a business license and insurance? I have searched the forums and saw very mixed replies on these topics. I thought about starting next year when I can get my driver's license, but I might not if I can't get insurance.
    Also, how much does first year liability cost?
  2. CollegeCash

    CollegeCash LawnSite Member
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    I also thought about how it would work if I could put the business and insurance under my dad's name but I do all the work and management. Would insurance cover me if I damaged something but it is under my dad's name?
    I have done a LOT of research on here and I am serious about trying the lawncare business out. I have heard on here that a minor can get Liability insurance but then others say they can't get a business license. How can a minor insure their business if they don't legally have one?

    I am just confused on the matter and would appreciate some replies.
  3. Matts lawn care

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    Once you rech 10 posts I will pm you some info on this.

    1) I got a mil ins polocy for around $300 a year through my dads ins company.
    2) I registured a DBA thing with my state for around $150.

    I think thats ll i need at this point correct me if im wrong.
  4. theturfboss

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    I would consider talking to an attorney...Our commercial liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and workers compensation insurance will not insure anyone who is under the age of 18. This is in Indiana, and I dont know about your state. Also, I question the ability of a minor to have a contract but I do not know that answer for sure. Good Luck! I wish at 15 I was thinking like you are...

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