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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by musselman, May 9, 2002.

  1. musselman

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    I can think of a million things that could go wrong, but in the 5 years Ive carried insurance ive been lucky enough to never need it. I did break a big window once but it was better for me to replace it myself, and the only thing ive ever had stolen is an old worn out blower and a few gallons of gas.
    I was just curious to hear some of your guys horror stories, not so much things being stolen, this is terrible I know, but im more intrested in other accidents that you have had to use your insurance for.
  2. LawnLad

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    '91 GMC 2500 - stolen by an employee sent to get new tires. Truck turned up 4 days later with damage, covered by insurance.

    '97 Chevy 2500 - slammed into a phone poll at 35 mph with two employees in it. Plow frame hit the poll dead on - had to replace the entire frame and much of the front end. $11 K plus.

    We had a guy tap another car once - our insurance covered it. Most of our body work, inlcuding the complete frame replacement were as a result of other drivers and their insurance paid for it.

    At the same property in different years I had someone back out of the same driveway into our trucks (different truck each time). Last year someone backed out of their driveway and broadsided our S-10. Twice parked dump trucks have been hit by cars over 35 - 40 mph. A car side swiped another truck while parked.

    I'm thinking of filling traffic cones with concrete. Is this illegal?
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    I forgot to set the brake on my Metro HP. When I hit the gas on the Dodge, she rolled back on the trailer, with some dang good speed I must admit(in a hurry), and smashed into the end gate of my 6.5'X12' trailer. It completly wrecked the velky and bent this rod on the machine, easily bendable back, and it messed up my end gate. I fixed the gate with a little heat and the welder. The velky was a total loss, but insurance covered it, even though it wasn't a large claim, that is what I have it for. That is my one and only accident. I hope I don't have any more:p
  4. Russo

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    I'll try to list a few claims that I've encountered over the years working for other large LCOs.

    Hummm, let's see...........$ 30,000 back ache from tree planting, mower flipping over causing the loss of foot, thousands of $s in truck repairs for just pulling in and out of the shop, windows, car windows, car paint jobs, worker shot with BB gun while mowing, pioson ivy, wrong tree removed, stolen trailers , stolen trucks, severe sunburn, mowers jammed under cars, mowers under water, .......

    This is for those who think that large company's costs / hour of operation are lower than the smaller company's. Insurance didn't cover all of these claims. Crazy stuff huh?

    Notice how much of it is SAFETY related. Be careful out there.
  5. John Allin

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    We've been involved in two fatalities. Neither of them our fault. Insurance company defended us. We won both times.

    Although they could not cover the emotional toll, insurance saved us financially.

    We had an employee lose an eye on the job. WC covered it (as they should).

    Doesn't get much worse than these types of incidents.
  6. Russo

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    I hope your post inspires those who say that they will get insurance when they can "afford" it, or "soon". Also hope that those are the last of such incidents you see. My name wasn't on the front door when I went thru that ****, I can only imagine....

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