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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by eruuska, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. eruuska

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    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post in this particular forum, so be kind to me. ;)

    I'm in the midst of my licensing in Indiana (passed Core, taking 3b on 3/7), and one of the licensing requirements is to provide proof of insurance. State Farm is handling my overall business liability insurance, they quoted me $424 for 1M with 500 deductible. I asked whether this included coverage for pesticide application, and was told by the agent that as long as it's "over the counter" type stuff (his words), there would be no problem. I told him that I may be using RU pesticides, stuff that you need a license for, and he told me that as long as I'm not making the stuff in my basement that I'm covered.

    Couple concerns come to mind:

    How stringent are the proof of insurance requirements in Indiana? Are they looking for a specific type of policy, or is basic business liability sufficient?

    Is my agent nuts? I read in another thread that SF won't even touch pesticide applicators. My guy told me that they won't handle landscape contractors, so I have to limit my digging activities, so it wouldn't surprise me that they wouldn't cover pesticides.

    I've turned all this over in my head, and I'm pretty sure that if my agent assures me I'm covered, then I am. Even if the company refused a claim, I wouldn't hesitate to go after my agent personally because he's the liaison between me and the company.

    Any thoughts? I hate to get caught with my pants down (except under certain circumstances :eek: ).

  2. brizine

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    State Farm handles all my ins. except the business. They refused to cover a pesticide waiver w/ the general liability, so I had to go with scottsdale.
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    State farm will not give you the coverage that you need!! You need a company that will cover specifics! As you can see I am IN as well, so PM me if you want great coverage for a very reasonable price. I will refer you to my insurance agent.
  4. kickin sum grass

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    just cuz your agent said it would be ok does not mean it will. If it is not in writing than you would have nothing to stand on. It would be your word against his if a claim came up and guess who would be left holding the bill!!!
    Get a different co that will cover you.

    My insurance co does cover pesticide applications at no additional charge. The certificate of insurance sent to the state of ohio states on it that I am covered for the application of pesticides. Thats what you need for a company in writing.
    good luck
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    Also in Indy and it must be on your policy, you have to send a copy every year to IOSC to get your license (proof of insurance) Erie has handled mine for 10 years with no problems.
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    hi grass kicker who is insurance carrier . pekin my former insurance company deside cancall my insurance because i spray inserticide and pesticide. i need to find one by april or i will one hurting duck. :help: ekuuska in my expericane proof of insurance is alway a good thing just in case they ask some job it is requied to get job work city and big companys :)
  7. qps

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    It is very unlikely you will every use RU products, to many good products out there to chose from...without all the paperwork :)
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    Hey rajwrigh,

    I'm not sure my PM went through. You can email me at

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    E-mail me if you need help with Insurance
  10. A.T.A.K

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