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    This was part of a conversation that was taking place in the "who do you want to see as a sponsor" threads Sean Adams started. It was off topic, so anyone that wants to talk more about, we can post here in this forum:

    Originally posted by FireCo388
    I have dealt with Allstate for the past 5 years, they have been nothing but helpful, their service has been excellent and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

    Best of luck to you then. I mean that sincerely. You are one guy, with maybe several insurance policies. I have seen thousands of claims over the years. The huge majority of cases we litigate are against Allstate. HUGE majority. I could tell you nightmares for days. We are not the only firm, either. This is across the nation.

    My perspective may not mean much to you, but you are no different than an average client that comes to the office over the past decade needing help, who was unwary of their ways. All of those clients leave with a different feel and attitude in the end when they see what reality is.

    I truly hope you do not have to experience what it is like to deal with Allstate when you need real help.


    I am only trying to be helpful in letting everyone know about the pitfalls with Allstate. It's real. Believe it and get different coverage, or disregard, keep it, and take a very serious risk that you will not be treated well when you need real help. By real help I mean a serious/substantial claim that you might be forced to file. Any carrier will pay out on "nuisance" claims valued at 2K or less, on a regular basis. 2K to them is like .02 to us.

    Scraper posted that "you've seen one insurance company you've see them all." Respectfully, that is 100% NOT true.

    Guys, I'm not ragging on scraper or FireCo388. All I'm saying is that I have 10 years in litigation and I have SEEN IT ALL. Anyone out there covered with Allstate, do yourself a favor and switch to a better company - which would be ANY other company.

    For those of you that are military and ex-military, you've already got access to the best carrier in the country, USAA. I think it will make an exception sometimes and insure others. USAA is very reasonable in all aspects of claims handling.

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