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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Lawn Witch, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Our very small family owned business is now looking to expand in 2010. Finally now that our son will be graduating from high school & career & tech specializing in the landscape field as well as his friend who has been studying masonry which will make a great addition to our company. We need your advice in the following areas:

    Hiring (paid by the hour or sub-contractor using a 1099 form)
    Insurance ( workers comp, liability ins etc how much coverage)
    Home Office Use (has anyone had to go thru zoning for this)
    Getting Licensed (I checked into this before & it wasn't required for a small company)
    Software (currently using quicken home premier 2008) I have seen alot of you guys recommend quickbooks is there much difference in the programs

    Any veterans advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    First, forget about hiring "employees" and treating them like sub-contractors to avoid payroll tax. The IRS is all over this and the penalties are rough. Related to the home business zoning, many local government preclude home businesses to have employees, and limit the amount of materials and equipment you can have on premises. Check with the City/County licensing department.

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