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insurance price


LawnSite Bronze Member
Central NY
Depends on the company. My liability is split over 12 payments, comp. is paid over 9, and my commercial on the trucks is paid in 10 payments. Just enough to screw up anyones budget!

Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
Generally, monthly payments will have an additional fee added on, probably around $5 per month. So by paying monthly you'll incur an additional $60 annually that you wouldn't by pre paying for the entire year.

Your Insurance agent will probably give you just one billing for both GL, Workmans Comp, auto, equipment, rental, or whatever you need. Everything should be itemized, but more than likely just one billing.

FWIW, my liability insurance premium went up almost 60% this year - just out of the blue. That was enough for me to look for another company.