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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by green thum, Aug 20, 2005.

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    I am considering hiring my first "real" helper,up until now my two nephews have been helping me.My question is what type of insurance am i going to need and what is a "ballpark" price?THANKS!!!!!
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    you should already have liability insurance for your company. Since you already have people working for you, you should already have workers compensation insurance so you are pretty much covered. I am going to assume that you have neither.

    You need workers comp insurance for your employees. Even if you do not have any full-time or part-time employees but only temporary then you need to get work comp on no-one which covers your temps. On your full-time you need work comp. You do not need liability insurance, but if you were to have just a little mess-up then you are going to thank yourself for having it.

    Quick story:

    Three years ago, one of my workers was coming off of a sidewalk getting ready to start cutting another area at a tire store, blades were running, blades took off large piece of sidewalk, put piece of sidewalk through plateglass window, window fragments injured a person. Did I have to have insurance?...No! Did I?...Yes! It only takes a split second to really cause a lot of costly damage. The person is fine, really weren't injured other than superficial wounds, but if they had seriously been injured I would have been screwed had it not been for insurance.

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