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Insurance question

KMT Landscaping

LawnSite Member
I am dealing with a business and they require 1 mil in liability and 1 mil in commercial insurance. does anyone know what this would run and whats the difference? Dont mean to sound stupid but new to all this. Thanks

KMT Landscaping:cool:

CRM Lawncare

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North Carolina
I would find your local independent agent who represents ERIE. Their rates are hard to beat in my area.



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The 1 million minimum insurance coverages are common now. Shop around, but sometimes it is nice to have a local agent.


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Cheyenne, WY
American Family wont cover you if you do pesticide aps. Neither will Allstate. If your going to do pesticides your better off going with an indepedent agent. My policy is for 1 mil and covers pesticides. $540 a year through General Casualty