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Is it the norm to have a commercial account ask you to have a million dollar insurance policy and for them to be named as an addition insured on your policy? Since I'm new to the business I'm just curious to know what is about the standard liabilty you carry on your policy.
My GL policy is for 1 MIL. It covers all my customers. Some commercial accounts will be asked to be added, but not many. Just call your agent and it's done. No increase in premiums. I just think the new commercial account will feel more at ease knowing you are insured.


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1 mill is a common amount for those that specifically ask, however, I've found that 500,000 is a typical amount sold by companies. There are some places that will require 2 mill.

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Here is a quote from this post.

"Most places want one million in liability and workers comp. is a must."