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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by edgeman2003, Apr 4, 2008.

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    I talked to my allstate agent today about liability insurance and if I need insurance on the trailer. They told me as long as it hooked up to the truck it covered under my current policy. They know Im using it for business for lawn care. but if it unhooked at a work site or at my house, then its not covered under the policy. They dont carry liability insurance, do you know a good company close to maryland? or any others I could try? thanks everyone
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    Cairnes Tapley Insurance Agency Inc. 1714 Jarrettsville Md. 21084 ph # 410-557-8084 ask for Maureen Marts. Tell her Tony from TNT Lawncare referred you.
  3. snowjeep

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    Make sure you have commercial insurance on the truck then you will have coverage on the trailer with liability. If you have Erie insurance near you look into them.
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    edgeman - you're right on, when towed by your truck (or other veh) that has commercial automobile coverage, your trailer will automatically be covered by liability. Make sure you have commercial auto, not personal - business use would not be covered by personal.

    When your trailer is parked, you don't need liability. However you may want to cover it under the same commercial auto policy as your truck for Phys Dam which is Comp/Collision. Trailer shouldn't cost that much.
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    I carry separate coverage on the trailer. The liability only covers someone you may hit with the trailer. If you kill the trailer, or damage it severely, you wont get anything unless you have it covered on its own policy or a ryder on your commercial vehicle coverage.

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