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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DirtsDirtyWork, May 1, 2008.

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    I am trying to "go legit" with my lawn bizz...I will be getting an LLC and eventually a Landscape Contractors license...In the meantime, sticking to maintenance. What types of insurance do I need and about how much moolah we talkin.
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    you need 300/600, or 500/$1,000,000. Your insurance agent would be the preson to ask how much it will cost you.
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    lawnman is speaking of General Liability coverage - covers your buns if you create bodily injury to someone else or prop. damage in the course of business. The limits above are good to quote with an independent agent, as well as $1mil/$2mil. This ins. covg. is the first thing you will want to look at for your operations.

    There is also property coverage for your equipment/tools - sometimes covered under an Inland Marine form. If you have enough value in equipment to insure vs self insure, check this coverage out.

    Business Auto coverage is another one - covers your business use vehicle/trailer/etc. Perhaps your personal auto policy may go 'business' use on your vehicle, but if not you will want to check out this coverage.

    Oh, and Work Comp coverage if you have even 1 employee.

    Hope this is a good start. Stop in at a local agent's office to discuss.

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