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    Im in Texas. I was wondering what kind of insurance I have to carry with 2-3 employees. I have no idea how and what type of insurance to get. Can someone please lend their expert advice.

    gen liability?
    Workers comp?

    what limits on them? These are the kind of questions I am needing answered...
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    You need liability for your business and comp for your employees. Depending on who does your payroll, this can be set up with them. Playing with electricity, sound advice I think would be to look at a rider for electrical work.
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    Talk to an insurance broker about what you do and he will give you advice on classifications. currently we are classified as exterior electricians who go on lifts, ladders and roofs up to 60 ft tall. You should have a liability policy of a least 1 million, or roughly the value of the most expensive home you do plus it's contents, whichever is higher. we should have higher liability limits, we do homes and businesses that are probably in excess of 10 million, and if they were to have a fire because of us, our insurance is still too low. And I think we upped it to 5 million last year.

    In Arkansas if you have more than 2 employees you are legally required to have workman's comp. I am not sure what the Texas law is, but you would be crazy not to have it. depending on how you classify, it costs around 3k to start a policy that would cover you for the first $25-30,000 in payroll or so. it protects YOU from going bankrupt when one of your employees falls. and they will. we have a fall every other year that requires medical cost. One a few years ago was well over 50k. so don't skip that. get it.
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    I'll revive your old thread since it's still near the top. In Texas workers com is not required by the state. You may get a general contractor on commercial jobs that requires it but that's about it.

    The Hartford is who I use for auto and general liability and they are just about impossible to beat. Many have tried but all have failed. A million dollar policy is pretty standard.

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