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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by o-so-n-so, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. o-so-n-so

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    I am basically a one man show. From time to time I have to pick up help with the work load. Where can I find a Insurance package to cover Workman's Comp for this type business. I have liability and property through Alfa and I think they a raking me over the coals with the price. Would like to have a company to cover all the business.
    I need company names and contacts for some quotes.
    I am in Alabama. Thanks
  2. paponte

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    Not sure by you, but Farm Family covers everything for us.
  3. American Family

    How about using a day labor/temp agency for occasional help, let them take care of the employment taxes and insurance. Then all you need to take care of is your liability ins.
  4. Lombardi

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    If you use just temporary labor on a part-time basis you could classify that person as a "Contract Laborer". This basically means they are a sub-contractor. You then just pay them their hourly rate X hrs. and 1099 them at the end of the year. They are responsible for the taxes.
    I use American Family for my liability. $385.00/yr. In my state you don't have to worry about workman's comp. if you employ less than 3 people.
  5. Casey

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    you will want to check out the IRS defination of contract labor before you try this one, something as simple as telling the sub-contractor what time he has to be at the jobsight will nullify the subcontractor definition, and you can be stuck with paying penalties
  6. walker-talker

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    Casey is correct!! Also, if they are using your equipment they are not considered contract larbor.

  7. o-so-n-so

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    Thanks for save me some steps.

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