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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mid Rivers, Mar 9, 2001.

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    Before you say it, I did a search!:)

    I am located in the St. Louis metro area. What is a good rate for business insurance? Who would be a good insurance guy/gal to go to? Names and locations would be appreciated.

  2. Mid Rivers

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    Surely there is someone that can answer this!
  3. Nathan

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    I had a very hard finding info about contractors insurance in my area. I can't tell you what it should be in your area but the average in seattle, WA is about 800/year for 300000 liability and a 4000 continuous surety bond. I checked referals from insurance agents who did my other personal policies. The best resource was from our state contractors registration agency. They have all the records on all contractors and can give you the most popular companies used by similar contractors. They also have a list of insurers who are ready and willing to give you a quote. All you need to do is get a hold of whoever governs the process in your state.
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    ok 1st it depends on how many customers you have.
    2nd how much in equipment do you have.
    and 3rd is it just you out there.

    last year i paid around $300 (i think) for 50 yards a week, $250,000 total coverage insurance, and around $25,000 in equipment. hope this helps

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