Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PLCS, Jun 25, 2005.

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    I had an invitation to bid on some apartments and they were requiring me to have workers comp insurance! I dont see why they would want workers comp. I should only have to have liability right? I dont have employees, I am solo.

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    This might be something determined by individual states but in Vt. if you are a sole proprieter or owner you can fill out an exemption form that is valid with any businesses or assosiations that you might deal with but check your local laws.
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    Your liability insurance protects you and will pay them in the event that you cause damage or injury. It in no way protects them in case you are injured will working on their property. You may be able to fill out a liability waver if your state allows it and if the company will accept it. Or, they may want you to carry a "ghost" workman's comp policy to offer them some sort of protection. I don't exactly understand how that works, but I have heard of it. It comes down to what they want, for whatever reason.
    Good Luck. It makes about as much sense as me having to pay un-employment ins. on part time help.

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