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  1. Capitol Lawn

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    Does anyone have a testimonial to help me decide where to get insurance for the business?
  2. ODUrugger

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    Well, USAA... but only military or thier relatives get that...

    Basically look around and make calls for quotes. Do you have an idea of what you want? My setup is (I think) about average.. I have 2 million payable per year in Liability 15k on the tools. Workmans comp is a seperate thing here, but not required if you have less than 6 employees and pay a "no rider" fee.. That setup costs me 80 per month...
  3. wrestlingcoach

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    For Good Commercial Accounts - They Usually Require 1,000,000 Liability

    Had A Workers' Comp Claim This Year For The Very 1st Time

    My Company Has Broken 3 Different Windows
  4. SouthernYankee

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    Forget all commerical properties with out 1million....If you do screw up someones yard....rock breaks window.....mower crashes into car...ect. do you have the cash up front to pay for the damages that you caused?
  5. farmerphilco

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  6. lawnprosteveo

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    I dont know if this company does business in all 50 states, but I got a good deal with Ohio Casualty. I think alot of independent insurance brokers sell for least here they do.
  7. Capitol Lawn

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    from MD
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    all yall can expect a christmas card from me!!!!!

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