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    Hi Everyone,
    I was just wondering about Insurance Pricing.
    What would be a good price to look for when shopping around?
    Whats everyone else paying? Got any good recommendations?
    Do I even need to get Insurance right out the gate?

    Heres alittle background about me to help you answer these questions:
    I been in the business 2 seasons. I started with my dad doing larger commercial properties, Apartments, factories etc... and I remember paying about 600 dollars to insure us both on the job. We didnt pay any workers comp because we didnt have any "employees" per say. Anyway to make a long story short the partners thing got in the way and I decided to start over on my own in Louisville, KY. So Im planning on starting out doing residential mowing part time then working my way from there.

    Thx in advance,
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    Go to the Business forum on here (where I'm sure this thread will get moved to shortly anyway) and do a Search using the feature at the top of the page and you will find about 10 million post on insurance.

    Cost will vary greatly depending on a ton of factors and could range from $200-$2000 a year depending. The only one that can tell you for sure will be a local insurance agent, and YES you need insurance, period. Good luck.
  3. JimSolo

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    okie ill check it out

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