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    I would like to know how much insurance to carry starting out and maybe a few leads on a insurance company that deals in Nebraska. Thanks and keep on mowing. Don
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    Most insurance brokers can fix you up with insurance. We carry $1,000,000 in liability plus a Inland Marine on the equipment.

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    I also carry 1 million liability and inland marine on my equipment. These days with the sue crazy world we live in anything less is useless! Now in days when some one sues, they sue for a million, not 100,000!
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    If you plan on doing any commercial properties, you may need more than one mil liab.
    Call around to ins offices, they will know what the minimum you'll need. The prices will also vary from one company to another.
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    Try Grinnell Mutual 641-236-6121. I have 1 mil liability and inland marine on equipment. $300+- per year
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    $300 for liability and inland? we pay closer to 5 grand for a mill liability and theft fire etc, on about 100 large in equip based on 150g in payroll. Some businesses have asked us to go 2 mill, what, THEY gonna sue us? Dave

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