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  1. Perfect Lawn

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    Where to go for insurance and what kind do I need for residential lawn maintenance? Trying to start the yr. off right How much does it usually run per year. How much extra for workmans comp. on average?
  2. lawnpro724

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    Contractors insurance - general liability will cost you around $500 a year and workmans comp is based on how many employees you have and payroll you pay. If your just starting out and dont have employees you don't need workers comp.
  3. WJW Lawn

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  4. J&R Landscaping

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    Do you have all your insurance policies with erie or just your GL? The local agent told me they can only write me if I transfered all my policies to erie. They would not write snow plow insurance neither.

    I would try nationwide as well. For a minimum, I would look at 500,000 at least but to be better suited, get 1 millon. The rates shouldnt be much different.
  5. abuckeye

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    I would get more than one quote. I have Erie for auto and GL. I got my renewal bill the other day and deceided to get a couple other quotes. I have got one back so far and it is about $600.00 cheaper than I paid last year. When I got quotes last year Erie was the cheapest. Just watch out.
  6. Perfect Lawn

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    Erie insurance is not in my area. I got quotes for 600+ for 300,000 GL. Some insurance wont take me unless I had insurance before for at least a yr.
  7. teamoneoutdoors

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    I have $1 million in general liability and $45,000 worth of equipment insured for $1600.00 annually.
  8. tamo

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    how much liability insurance is generally needed for a basic lawn care co? I'm just going to be doing the basics. I got a quote today for 1 mil. gen. liablity and equipment for $667.

    is 500K enough. I'd like to get that price down a little if possible.

    from experience, how much damage could a lawn care co. do?

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    Did you want what I use as a bid sheet. it is in Excel
    I like it. send me your email if ya want it...
  10. sinnes12

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    I am an insurance agent in NJ and we solely work with landscapers and contractors.
    We typically save 25 - 35% for landscapers.

    The normal account is General Liability, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Workers Comp and sometimes an Umbrella.

    Workers Comp is set by the state but certain insurance companies can offer either dividends or something called Managed Care Credit (5% off).

    I would always recommend getting a few quotes from different agents or brokers. Your biggest expense is your Auto (depending on how many vehicles) or Workers Comp (depending on payroll size)

    I recommend getting $1 million of coverage on General Liability - $500,000 is ok but it is usually peanuts to move to $1 million.

    You biggest exposure is on the road - you must carry $1 million in liability for Commercial Auto - make sure you do not have a personal auto account...I see it all the time and the insurance company has the right not to cover you if you are using the truck for business. Commercial Auto is cheaper anyways (at least in NJ)

    I would like to help anyone out there who has insuance questions or would like to get a quote. I do work in NJ, DE, NY and PA.

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