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    Hey guys I want your opinion on Insurance...I am sure I am going to get different responses but I want to see what you guys think... Here it is : Since I am just starting out and wanting to do this business the right way would you get insurance for the first year since i am going to be doing this part time at first and dont know how many lawns I will end up? Would you wait till you had some money saved up first then get insurance. Licensing I am going to do right away, but insurance I dont know about yet. How many lawns would you have first before getting insurance?? Thanks Matt

    Also are any of you guys also bonded and is it needed
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    I live in western NY and have $1 million in liability for around $700 per year through ERIE Insurance. If you break that down it equals around $13.00 a week (52 weeks obviously). That's less than one lawn a week. You will sleep better at night knowing you have insurance and if you break a window or something unfortunate like that that $700 will seem cheap. I imagine the rates may be a little higher near the city but I couldn't tell you for sure. It's a no brainer to get it in my opinion. Good luck.

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    anyone else???
  4. KTO Enterprises

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    550 per year for a million from the hartford. Well worth having.
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    I also use Erie. My policy cost me $527 for $1MM in liability coverage plus coverage for my equipment and truck.
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    Accidents happen... Do you have enough to cover ANY accident that will/could happen tommorrow?? I've broken windows, dropped branches onto roofs, thrown rocks, pine cones and childrens toys out my mower chutes at a million miles per hour, etc... nothing very damaging, or needing to turn in a claim on yet, but it is definately better to know I have the insurance!
    If you are starting a business, you have asked a dumb question. It should be required before you can get a dba, inc., co., etc. IMHO.
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    Hard to add to this.....

    however you have to ask yourself a Q......

    So If you file a DBA,,,,, that still means you can be held personaly responsable, so lets say your mowing, the mower picks up a rock and sends it through a child. you go to court, they find you were negulant, <--- "spelling"

    they garnush your pay for the rest of your life, after you get outta prison.
    because they find that you knew you were suppose to have insurance. simply because of this post......

    well are you ready to take on personal insurance, meaning you personaly take responsabilty ?

    I hope you have your answer...
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    A guess only.......90% of the young people doing a few yards don't have insurance other than what their parents carry on homeowners....And 90% of the part time guys with jobs have the insurance...So probably nobody will advise you not to get insurance....ask your parents agent.
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    GET IT. Not only does it cover you if you break something, kill someone, take off someones foot, or burn down someones house, but it also covers you if your equipment gets stolen. What if you having engine problems and your in your garage and you spray starting fluid into engine and it back fires. Your garage starts on fire and you lose your house. Guess what, Insurance will help cover it along with your homeowners policy. Just get it. Do you need a million $ of coverage for 10 lawns? NO, but you never know when a kid is going to come running down a driveway chasing a ball.

    Get the insurance and sleep better knowing you will not lose everything you have because of a silly mistake or a money hungry accident prone person.

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    I figured Iwould ask this question because I had been reading in someones post that they were p/t and didnt have insurance. I most definately getting insurance, I was just asking because of the other post I read.

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