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  1. LTLS

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    Hey guys, just starting out and looking around at a few different insurance companies. I'm only mowing and blowing right landscaping, irrigation, or such just yet.


    What is a safe amount of liability insurance to go with?

    Any companies you would suggest or not? (in Florida)

    What should I expect to pay annually for liability and commercial vehicle insurance?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments.
  2. Zaro T Man

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    Well from having just gotten insured myself I can tell you a little. I am getting my pest test books soon and knew that I had to be insured to get my app lics. so I made the rounds. In Georgia I believe you only need something like 50k of insurance. Well after checking prices I found that an even 1mill is only about $200.00 more than the base amount I needed. So I went for it. It is costing me around $550.00 a year. Wish I could help with the other questions.
  3. LTLS

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    Thanks T Man

    $550 is not bad, so far a few quotes I've received are about that for only 100k and closer to $1,000 for 1mm. What company did you go with?
  4. canopy2k

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    I just signed with a company called American Summit out of Texas. ~$250 got me $300k in coverage. They will also raise my coverage to 1m for a particular commercial property, if they require it. It would only be a small fee, since it only applies to that one property.

  5. LTLS

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    Thanks Canopy
  6. Zaro T Man

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    The local company I went through uses EMC. Now keep in mind what I got was for plain Jane Commercial Liability. This does not include vehicle insurance.

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