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  1. Clean Lawn

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    I noticed on the recent posts regarding expensive insurance. As a new lawn service starting out can anyone recommend insurance companies that I can check out for everything I will need from coverage of my equipment to liability insurance. I know I don't need everything right this minute (especially without having employees) but being able to look into everything before I need it makes it easier for me when it comes time to have it.
    Thanks everyone and have a great green day!
  2. tjsquickcuts

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    I use state farm, and surprising they weren't all that expensive. I pay $3234 a year, but I have employees and chemicals and a lot of equipment to cover. Most commerical accounts will not let you on the property without liability.
  3. canopy2k

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    I use a company called American Summit out of Texas. Just general liability, industry specific. 300,000 for residential, 1,000,000 for biz. $300 a year...


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