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    I'm in a predicament When you're 18 with 2 speeding tickets and an accident that you were at fault (even though I really wasn't) your insurance payments are pretty steep. Anyways, to the point.... right now I have not registered as a business yet although I will in the next couple weeks/months. I have 2 trucks, 2002 F-350 and 1996 F-250. The 350 is nice but it's not a work truck its more for luxury but I can't afford to insure both, well I could but I don't really make enough money to justify it. I was wondering if I was to strictly use one for work would it be cheaper to insure, register and insure it through the business as a commercial vehicle? I don't know what to do tell me what you guys think thanks alot.
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    I'm 19, and to insure an 08 gmc will cost me nearly half of what it would cost under a regular policy (3k full coverage). I go through the insurance company that i have my liability for, which makes it so much cheaper. Some agencies didnt even want to give me coverage because of my age. I have nothing on me record at all. (although males start off with 2 points off the bat)

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