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    I've seen on some recent threads that some have stated, "insurance only runs a couple hundred a year." I've looked for inexpensive insurance and can't find it. Right now I pay $1200 a year. Maybe am paying for something I don't need. What coverages do most of you have and can someone clue me in to a couple of these inexpensive insurance agencies????
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    The insurance you carry depends on the nature of your operations. Also depends on what you can afford to self insure vs risk you want an insurance company to bear. For me, I can afford to self insure my equipment (I don't have huge $$ in equipment) but of course I cannot self insure General Liability. I carry 500K occ/1mil GL limits and pay $140 per year. If you have employees, Work Comp coverage adds cost. Your insurance cost will be unique to you, don't go according to what 'other guys' have. Your best bet is to visit a couple of Independent agents who can give you a quote with a number of companies that they represent. That is what I did, and I have my coverage with Grinnell Mutual.
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    General Liability Insurance rates are based primarily on (4) items.
    1. Gross income
    2. Number of employees
    3. Amount of insurance you need
    4. Type of work being performed
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    5. your age
    6. how long have you been in business
    7. credit rating
    8. driving record

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