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  1. DiGiTLawncare

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    OK I am getting extremly upset with every insurance company I have called in the past three weeks and not had one single call back. Could someone please tell me a good insurance company to call and actually get some damn service? How do these places even stay in business with crap like this?
  2. blackoakstone

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    Check out Blue Mhoon insurance... Fayetteville, AR.
    May not be real close to home, but the check in the mail moves just the same.
    Good deals. Good people.
    I have $2 million plus bond for less than $800/yr.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    You have been calling companies direct? Check out some local independent agents instead, they handle a number of different companies and should be able to get you a variety of quotes. And don't call, stop in, guaranteed they will be there during biz hours.
  4. jphag

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    Check this company out. They only specialize in green industry insurance. You will get exactly what you need when it comes to this business. I have wc, commercial auto and 1,000,000 gen liability for $1500 per season. It varies from state to state but is prorated on how long your season is. My season is 8 months. MFP Insurance

    Matt J. Drummelsmith
    Commercial Account Executive
    M.F.P. Insurance Agency, Inc.
    7607 Green Meadows Drive
    Lewis Center, OH 43035
    (740)549-6778 (fax)
  5. DiGiTLawncare

    DiGiTLawncare LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replys guys. I am going to check out this MFPinsurance first then look at some different scenerios. I was quoted a rate the other day...(finally) everything was acceptable except the WC was out the roof.
    Commercial Auto 1095.00
    GL - 1000000 - 550.00
    Work Comp - $3700.00 (This was for one employee based on paying them 15,000 during season help) I thought it was a little pitiful. Please reinsure me that I am right.
  6. jphag

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    I don't have any help to pay wc on so this preimum is for me only. I don't pay myself a salary but the state minimum they have to charge me is for $13000 of payroll on myself. If I have any help I can add them for as long as I need them. If I need some part time help I can call my agent and tell him i will be having a helper for x # of weeks and he will be paying him x # of dollars. I can call him up the day I need help and he can put it in effect immmediately.
  7. VBsnow

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    You guys cannot compare rates across states. Especially the WC! It's different in every state. Also, as a veteran indy insurance agent, I highly suggest you get an agent that is close to you. You need someone who has a face in your community as it helps to ensure accountability. You should network with another user on here to find one close to you or keep looking. Tell the agent you want quotes from 'standard' companies. When you call, do not act as though you are simply price shopping. Many will put you to the bottom of their stack if they perceive this to be the case. Act interested. You should considering there is an actual need for the insurance.

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