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    Just wondering what business insurance should run for my setup....pretty much right now is a 2007 JD 757 and some new stihl kombi equipment. All I have at the moment is a business license and mowing is not my full time job and wont be for a couple years. Right now I am only cutting a buddies 2.5 acres for rediculously cheap but in and out under an hour, my hairdressers place in exchange for salon services (girlfriend and our kids not enough up top for me to barter there), girlfriend's yard (once again in trade) and mom's (keeps me from paying someone else to do it). So I'm thinking after fuel, maintenance, and depreciation Im bringing in roughly -$50 to -$100 a week but if the mower comes off the trailer not sure if my full coverage truck insurance will cover or not. I am looking to expand to 8-10 regular customers after I get insurance issue straight. Any help is appreciated.

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    Go get insuranse even if you are doing some buddies and a residental. It is well worth the cost. I have a general liability policy for $1 mil. and also coverage on my equipment. Costs me exactly $501.00 per year. Well worth it. If you ever plan on moving into commercial they usually want $1 mil. of coverage if they ask for insurance.
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    For starters your current vehicle insurance company will not cover your truck if they find out you are using it for commercial use and you get in a wreck.They usually ask you this when you take out the policy. Secondly the trailer is a seperate policy on it's own. Lastly you need business general liability insurance which covers you if you damage or injure someone(yourself included) on a customers property. I am willing to bet at least 80% of the guy's out there do not carry the proper insurances. Which is part of the whole "legit" equation of running a business. You can lose your world in the blink of an eye. :usflag:
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    hi i was just going to ask the same question. but i do 10 customers an a byweekly schedual on saturday and this is reallt good info for me i know 2 friends of mine have lawn companies and they do not have insurance and they couldnt help me.i do want to take this to a full time job soon so i want to have everything ineed first. but anyhow i was wondering were or who do you go to to get the insurance ?
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    In the day and age you need to have insurance. People sue over the most petty things. For what little it cost to get $1 mill. general Liability it's not worth taking the chance of loosing everything you have worked for up to this point. Go talk to any agent and get a quote, if they don't write them they will referr you to someone that will.
    Good Luck!

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