Has anyone here heard or done business with them? They are out of NY and specialize in pest control companies and also lawn and landscape companies. <p>I have been researching companies to cover me while appilying pesticides. Seems like as soon as one gets me a good quote, there is something missing.<p>One company had a quote in the right price range, but could not write my workers compensation, because of the small size of my company. Another gave me a great quote, but wanted a ridiclous amount for a rider covering my equipment. One would not write a policy unless all employees were licensed applicators. Many would not even write a policy covering pesticide use.<p>I found Wiesburger on the internet, and callet them. They certinly know what my needs are, and also my concerns. The closest agent that they have for me to deal with is 6 hours away, and that makes me a little leary.<p>I guess that my biggest concern would be what would happen if there is a claim? I mean, it is one thing to have an agent whose office you can walk into and talk to, but how are claims handled when the closest representive of your insurance company is 6 hours away? <p>I am having a real hard time with this. I have been quoted by most all the companies suggested in eariler posts, and had the results that I listed above. At this point, I am very frustrared, and ready to chuck the whole idea of doing applications. Seems that the insurance companies are discriminating against the small guy.<p>So, I guess what I am asking is, Has anyone delt with Wisenburger? If so, what are your thoughts?

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