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    I am thinking of starting a company on my days off of work (I work shift work) and was wondering what I would be looking at for insurance for a very small operation. 1 truck, 1 trailer, a few mowers, and no more then 5 part time employees (just myself and a few co-workers who also have a lot of free time due to shift work). I want to do it legit if I do and that is why I am asking. Thanks!
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    I to work shift work and am going about it the same as you. But I hope to be full time one day. I checked on insurance and they said 500 to 700 dollars a year. And if workers comp. ever came in to play it was by the payroll I paid out but it sounded cheap to. People try to make it sound outragous but its affordable and worth it. I live in Kentucky so it might be higher in other states. Just call and tell your insurance company what you need. Find one that compares rates thats what the one I looked at did. Hope this helps.
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    Yep you will need to look into General Liability, Workers Comp, Business Auto, and possibly Property coverage for your equipment (if you deem the value worth it). Go solo op, and you can forget the WC.

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