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    I have been looking for an Insurance Agent that is experienced in writing polices for MA<br>pesticide license holders. Most of the agents I spoke to are unfamiliar with minimum<br>requirements per MA law, and are not sure what is needed for proper coverage. Any<br>suggestions?
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    Open the phone book. Turn to the<br>lawn care section of the yellow<br>pages. Call a local contractor<br>who has a pesticde lic. and ask<br>them what agent they use.<p>You should also be able to find the<br>this info by going to the website<br>of whatever state agency that<br>controls the pesticide regs.<p>FYI as a single operator in Penna.<br>my premium is $400/year.
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    In Connecticut we have a policy with an endorsement for our pesticide work. You should find an insurance agent that reps some of the big insurance companies for business like The Maryland, Zurich, CNA, or The Travelers. We have had quotes from all of them. The policies usually start as general liability for business, and then get other items added as you diversify. It might be hard to just get pesticide insurance without the whole business package. <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply<br>
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    This was the very last tread on page 1316, so i figure it should go back the front, like it was on dec 1999, seems to take a long time to get to the end.
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    As for finding out what your minimum requirements are for the state of Mass. you should call the Cooperative Extension Office for the dept. of agriculture. I found that in this state Nationwise insurance was the most affordable since they don't use another company as an underwriter.

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