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    Nevermind buddy. i googled it for myself. thanks.
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    Call the Ray Johnson Agency in Yardsville, NJ
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    My policy is from travelers for 1 mil and I pay 408 a year. They even let me pay quartely. There is no reason not to have it at that price. Plus it is mandatory in FL to have insurance to get your pesticide license.
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    You do not need workers comp if you are the only one working for the company that you own. Plow insurance is generally a secondary rider that costs about $600 additional on your vehicle insurance. I pay about $1200 year for liability coverage and I belive thats a mil $ policy, which I belive is the lowest you can have to obtain your NJ HIC license which is required if you intend to do any planting what so ever in the state of NJ. Any home improvements done by a contractor must be done by a licensed contractor and landscapers fall into this category. An easy way for NJ to make more money and charge you about $100 year. Oh yeah, if you want to go legit and start an LLC or corporation there is gonna be a couple hundred dollars worth of fees to get that all going. Dont forget the $50-100 annuals that are due every year just for having a business, auto insurance, billing software like a quickbooks program, if you intend to accept credit cards there is another fee or percentage of the sale for that, lets not forget about the accountant whos gonna charge $100-200 month to file your monthly's, quarterly's and year end. I use State Farm insurance for auto and business liability, I just found it easier to use the same for everything. Where in NJ are you?
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    Im not exactly sure what kind of operation you will be running. However, I would still go and talk to an accountant. They will give you some good tax tips and open your eyes up to things you never thought about.

    Of course, they have a fee as well, but I think it is worth the time and money

    Again, not sure what your planning on doing or if this is going to be full time, but a website can never hurt.

    Advertising and marketing a highly important being a newbie. You do not put your name on a truck one day and the next day you get 1000 accounts.

    I would triple the number you were thinking of advertising cost
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    Hey guys thanks for the imput. Im from clifton, NJ. i have been doing landscapeing for neibor's and friends for a wile. I like it and i havent had any complaingts so i thought id make a buissness out of it. I worked for a garden center for a wile and did alot of plantings. laid sod, well you get the picture. i decided to start the buisness as a LLC when weighing the options with a group of people all of wich have owned buisness. I am currently looking for a job with a landscaper to ensure i would like it as much as i think i will. My uncle owns a signage shop in SC and he will make any sign i want and send them up for dirt cheap, he also makes Clothing for the company shirts as well. i want to be a ligitamate buisness so if you guys have any suggestions as to licenses and any thing else i need to become ligit please let me know. also what is the NJ HIC license? And what is the lco that many people on here have called themselves? thanks
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    Any clue what they mean by LCO?
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    Lawn Care Operator
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    O that makes sense. thanks.

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