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    Being new in the business, I need some advice/help. I have all new equipment, incorporated, licensed. I need insurance. I only do grass cutting, weedeating, blowing walkways off. I work alone. What insurance do I need? Where do I go for it? Is 1 mill ok? I have been told 3 mill is normal. Thanks in advance.

    David Landry
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    All you have to do is call an insurance agent or a few of them and ask for quotes and most will do the work for you. Since I mainly deal with chemicals I had to deal with the state chemist which had specific rules on insurance. Even though I read and understood the rules when I called for quotes, they would call back and explain to me what they found out about certain rules. Just call them and have them do the work, Im sure you have alot of other stuff to be dealing with just starting out and all. I went through it last year and am really still gettting things on the straight and narrow. Good luck.
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    1 million is fine, in fact it may be too much, check prices for 1/2 a million.

    Most of the time " if your just doing resdental" the entire home does'nt cost that much.
    of corse working solo your more able to control things like if a person/Customer is out side pulling weeds. JUST DONT CUT.

    When you go for commericial accounts you will need at least 1 million. some may require more. if they do and you get them. Price accordly and get the insurance.

    Best of luck
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    You will need two types of insurance, Commercial-Auto and Commercial-Liability. The auto one will obviously cover you and your equipment should you get in an accident. If you just have personal auto insurance, it won't cover you if you got in an accident while working.

    The liability insurance comes in a variety of amounts. Like bohiaa said, a 1/2 million policy would work for you for the most part. Not all commercial accounts require a 1 million policy, but many do...some even require more.

    You really should look around for the best prices. I have to shop for new insurance this spring, I want to find a company that's a little cheaper. The last insurance company was $900 for a $1 million liability policy and $1200ish for the auto policy. I'll probably drop down to a 1/2 million policy and see what deals I can find on the auto policy.
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    Do your research on the difference in price between 1 million and say 500K.when researching when I started up...the difference of the two difference was less than 100 bucks a year. I thought for the difference it was money well spent, especially consider if a rock would fly out from the mower and hit someones kid in the head.
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    I have $1 mil GL and comp. with commercial auto for truck and trailer. I think a little under $1400 a yr. Through Erie

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