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  1. mnglocker

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    I think that was sarcasm on JD's part.

    Just think what would happen if you took out the eye of a trial lawyer, or a doctor? They'll sue for lost income, emotional damage, physical pain and suffering etc...

    If your insurance policy isn't enough to satisfy them, they'll sue up and beyond your coverage. When the insurance company has 2+ million on the line to lose if they don't lawyer you up well, they'll fight on your behalf allot harder.
  2. JDiepstra

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    Honestly, I was not. Call me wreckless but I honestly think that as a solo owner operator I am not going to be doing more than $1 million in damage. If I see someone in the area I make dang sure to turn my mower so that the discharge is not facing them and I stop and wait til they are gone to start mowing again. Our job isn't rocket science.
  3. mnglocker

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    I agree on the not being wreckless part. I've never had to make a claim yet. (knock on wood) But when Murphy comes a knocking, he'll surely kick you in the nuts and the policy price doesn't jump all that much.

    I spend $475 a year for 2 million of coverage and all my equipment. That's Cheap in my book.
  4. Patriot Services

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    A personal injury lawsuit against you and you will see exactly how far a million doesn't go. Remember the 6 million self spilled cup of coffee lawsuit?
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  5. mnglocker

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    Exactly. This is also why I don't offer coffee. :laugh:
  6. ralph02813

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    1 million is kind of a standard for commrcial businesses. You may not need it, but what is the difference in cost of 1/2 mil for a million.
  7. moneyclass

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    I agree. Im also new and everyone is saying get atleast 1 million of insurance. I really dont understand why I would need that. If i break a window or whatever its not gonna cost that much to replace. Maybe im not seeing it but can someone open up my eyes of why you carry so much?
  8. GMLC

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    The price difference between 500k and 1 mil coverage is like $60 at my agent! And if my memory serves me some of the people who just claimed they don't operate wrecklessly don't use trimmer or mower shields as mentioned in other threads. Get real, accidents happen and 1 million is not a lot of money today especially with personal injury.
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    you never know when someones dog is going to walk around the corner right on your weed eater...

    $400 isn't much to pay to be protected.
  10. cpllawncare

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    1 million is required here in order to get your pesticide liscense, I just need to know where you guys are getting your insurance so cheap at?

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