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    Me too I want to know where you get it so cheap, I officially started late this spring, I got my insurance and i made sure it was good to even be contracted in by the city or the school distric and im paying $1100 a year for it 1 million policy and i think it might not be enought. I will paymore if i had to to make sure it was all covered
  2. GMLC

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    I use state farm. $575 for 1 mil-2 mil agg.
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    Thats who I have. Do your policy also cover snow removal? and loss of equipment?
  4. JDiepstra

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    If you mean me, i do not modify my trimmer guards in any way. I have an ocdc on my 60" which i usuall have open 90* so it is basically the same as a mower shield. The other mowers i use have mulch kits on them.
  5. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I love how many want to cheap out on this item first of all get the million its a must but then go beyond that and insure your equipment and trailers and office and computers. You can insure for replacement cost and your silly not too yes my oldest ztr has 4750 hours on it and with the vac maybe I would see 4k. And that's a big maybe but lets say I got hit by thieves 4 k wouldn't come close to get me a new 60 inch lazer but the 10k its insured for sure will. My most important items are all named specifically in my policy and for the amounts I choose to cover them for not what a depreciated mower or blower or vac is valued at.

    Same with my trucks I have 4 they cost about 1100 a year each to insure that's 500k 1000k liability coverage. And also full coverage on my truck like my 89 gmc may not be valued at 8k in the books but that what my check would be for if I was to lose her. You need to get past being cheap and think how will you be able to start right back up with out and interruption of service if the unthinkable happened to you.
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    I'm insured up 1 million in personal injury and 2 million in products completed and 2 million in general aggregate.
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    Where would you have gotten it wasn't insured for the business? The insurance is in the company name both business liability and motor vehicle are connected on one policy. The agent has been here twice he has seen our fleet he knows our sales and the policy in question is business. As for trailers and equipment same policy difference costs under the equipment part of our business liability policy. We get the break down though and its exactly as I said it was.
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    Had a friend who just bought the bike that his dreams have been made of for a while - put up his cash and was left with a loan of $10k - bought the insurance he was mandated to - cheaped out on the theft insurance to save money - guess what? guess who still owes $10 guess who only has the picture of his bike?
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    You might want to check with an adjuster to see what they really consider replacement cost. I doubt it will be more than the value of the machine. Replacement cost is what it is, not what it cost new.
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    That's good point my wording may be off there when I said replacement. The amount of the insurance on the items I mentioned I wasn't making a guess to what they would pay. I was stating what those items specifically are insured for in my policy by name and that's just 2 of over a dozen listed that way. Then I have another 45k in coverage for smaller items we don't list then there's 25 for office and additional 50k for lost recites ie some how i lose all that months records before I bill the clients.

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