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  1. leadarrows

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    Most of my insurance needs both personal and business including liability is with State Farm. I was with Prudential but State Farm was able to cut my over all Insurance cost nealy in half. I need Workman's comp. right now and SF doesn't want to write it for me because I haven't ever had it. So I'm looking around for some one who will. I'm trying an independent insurance broker now but haven't had any luck yet. How can they reguire you to have somthing by law thats so hard to get? :angry:
  2. MrBarefoot

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    For personal insurance, I use State Farm. They were not interested in meeting my companys insurance needs however. Still shopping for next year though... Anyone else have a suggestion?

  3. Sean Adams

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    MFP Insurance - Rick Bersnak. 800-886-2398. They specialize in lawn and landscape businesses and also give proper attention to small and start-up operations. Located in Ohio. Their ad has been in the back of Lawn & Landscape magazine for as long as I can remember.
  4. MrBarefoot

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    I called Rick already and he is sending me some information in a few minutes.

    Thanks for that great info.

    Anyone else make a referal?

  5. hlgmoney

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    I called Rick too - He's sending me the info. Thanks

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