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    I am wondering who all you guys through for insurance for business. I don't have any employees, I am a landscapes and construction but the construction part is more side development so might be a name change down the road but looking for some reliable not trying to rape you insurance companies. I am located in central NY. Any help would be appreciated.:waving:
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    Likely would be better off dropping the construction from the name. Construction is one of the few things that has a higher rate than landscape maintenance. I am also often asked about our landscape jobs as they try to make sure we are not passing construction off as landscape.

    There are plenty of good insurance companies, what you have to find is a good agent. Agents in some respects want you to spend more because they get commission, on the other hand they want your business. In other words, shop around.

    You have to learn some of the lingo and get some idea of going rates in your area too. After I landed on an Agent, I typically only shop prices every few years with different agents but I can push that agent to find me a better rate. Still want to make sure your carrier is rated high.

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