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    Need help. I am thinking about quiting my job and going full time lawn care. What do you all do for health insurance for your family? I have good health insurance at my job. I am not married right now but it is getting closer every day. That is one of the arguments about me quitting is i have the insurance. She does not work and does not have insurance. Is there anything out there for a situation like this?
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    Yes, paying $550 to 700+ per month premium for 2 people with a decent policy. Get a catastrophic plan at $400 to $500+ per month for 2 people with a high deductible. Have her get a job and get on her company policy.
    Good thing you are checking out your options before quitting your job. Health Insurance cost is a major drawback when it comes to being self employed. No sick leave pay. No one to pay your premiums if you get sick and have to be out of work. You have to buy more Insurance to cover being out of work:dizzy: Premiums are based on age, health history and smoking. One thing for sure is they go up with age and when the Insurance company feels like raising their rates
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    Be prepared. Taxes and insurance will suck up a good part of your profits!

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