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    Is there a nationwide company that a lot of lawn care companies or landscape companies use? All the insurance agencies here in the Chicago area want a killing for liability insurance. I'm a sole proprietor with lil equipment and no huge shop. There quoting between 2100 and 3600. I tried 5 to 6 companies with the same response. I see others on there forums that are only paying 600 to 1000 a year. Any help would be great. Thanks Kevin

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    I believe progressive and gieco offer commercial
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    We use Erie Insurance. Policies have great coverage and prices are very reasonable, at least they are for us.
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    Hotchkiss insurance in the carrollton / dallas, tx area. Ask for michelle frank

    Your premium prices are all going to depend on what your loss history has been, and what scope of work you perform. Ie: tree trimming has a 10x greater insurance premium on average than lawn mowing. This is the sole reason we don't perform large scale tree pruning.
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    I just do the basics. Lawn care and trimming small to medium bushes. Nothing crazy. This is my 2nd year with no loss or claims. Don't do any fertilizer or spray sealcoating. Not sure why its so much unless its cause of my company being new
  6. kandalawncaremgr

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    Thanks for recommending erie insurance. Went and signed a year policy today.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
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    i went through pekin insurance. they check around and find the best provider for coverage you need
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    You can always cut down on your premiums by taking on a higher deductible

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