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    I am fairly new at this and need some info. If I go to give a proposal to, say, a small apartment complex. I know I need insurance but i dont have it yet. I plan on getting the week before I start, am I going to nee some kind of proof of insurance with the proposal or will they just want it berofe I actually start, what kind of proof are they going to want? Any info would be helpful.
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    My insurance company will send me an insurance binder made out to the company to give them. It list all my insurance information on one page. They will probably want it before they sign any ciontract.Your best bet is to get the insurance ASAP because not to many people are going to take the chance that you may not get it.

    It is not that expensive when your just staring out . Just get it and get that account.
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    Well in my area, I would need to provide the complex with my business license. In order to apply for a business license, you have to supply the state with a general liability policy with a minimum coverage of $350,000., and a copy of your worker's comp. policy. If you do not have any of the above, I would not bid.
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    paponte is right we needed our EIN number for insurance but (although we had one) we did not need our state tax license for insurance.

    I forgot to mention that . My binder also lists my tax number and my work mans comp. info

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