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Pittsburgh, Pa
I have full coverage on everything. I pay a certain amount for all the small things, blowers, trimmers, etc. My walkbehinds and Laser are seperate do to the fact that they are worth more. Two trucks, two trailers, all of my equipment, 1 million in liability, comes to a total of about 2500 a year. Which too me is pretty good. Insurance is a must. It helps to get accounts too.


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$2 Million liability coverage; automobile insurance on 2 trucks and 2 trailers; replacement value on scheduled equipment (walkbehinds, ZTR and snow plow); insurance on all tools and other equipment. Yearly cost: $2600/yr.


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Upstate,New York
1 million on liability for property maintence & mowing, plowing etc.. (excluding excavating), and replacement value on mowers, trimmers etc.. -- costs me $750 & the farm dues which is another $75 a year


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1 million liability (standard amt. nowadays)
Inland marine coverage on equipment, trailer, etc.
Full coverage for truck w/ snowplow ammendment
Cost: about $1550 per year, & worth every penny!

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
Ditto on Smitty's post. I didn't want guys to think we didn't have insurance. I would hope everyone has all this insurance coverage.