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Hi all, I am new to the biz. That said, I am going to get general liability insurance today. I predominately doing lawns, mulch beds, and gardening. I only have one truck with few equipment.

Was wondering if someone could tell me how much liability I need so that I can go to property managers and bid on contracts.

What insurance company would you recommend? What is about average that I can expect to spend annually?


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Get $1 mill liability. It costs very little more than say $250k. I'm not commercial so sorry about that but I was asked a few years ago by the owner of a company to bid on his property he just went ahead and told me I needed to show $1MM liability. I didn't bid on it because it was really too big for my at the time current crew.

Andrew H

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How new to the business are you, do you even have a business?
You’ll need Liability Insurnace, sometimes w/c Insurnace, although if your solo, you may be able
To sign a waiver.
often they’ll want to see commercial auto as well, and sometimes bonding.
Go to a broker, shop around for the best deal,
Insurance rates are based on your industry code(s)
Which for you would be lawn Maintennce and gardening I believe.
They’ll also want to see articles of organization

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