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  1. regnort

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    Just a quick question about insurance coverage. How much general liability do you guys carry? I currently have $500,000 and I am currently shopping my coverage. I was amazed to find out that $1,000,000 is only slightly more. I was asked to bid on a prop last year that required $20 million in coverage, I declined to bid for other reasons, so I don't know how much it would have been. I'm sure it would have been outrageous.


  2. lawnman_scott

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    for the little extra get 1million, thats what i have
  3. promower

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  4. sildoc

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    Heck I put in a bid on a municipality(sp) and they wanted min of 10 mill. I thought it was a typo. Asked and they said it would weed out the little guys.
    Yep never the less weeded me out. Check out with insurance on what 10 mill would have cost me. 600 more a year. Man did I wish I had checked that before I threw in the towel. I would have added it to there bill and been 9mill more coverage for every thing else. In other words check before you dive.
    Other than that I think a mill is enough unless you are caring for 5+ million dollar props. good luck.
  5. work_it

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    I've been paying $580/yr through Farm Bureau for $1 million liability coverage. Is there more affordable insurance through reliable companies that anyone can suggest?
  6. SpudsM15

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    i pay about $700 for 500k then another 1.7k for the truck and trailer and equipment coverage.
  7. sildoc

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    If you were or are a service member ( i.e. served with the military, coast guard, national guard), then check out USAA. I dont have the number but you can go to and check it out.
    They offer much more than just insurance, the offer banking, stocks and bonds, insurance (auto, home, business and life) and other discounts.
    I have checked around and it is very hard to beat there prices. some prices are a little more but they offer 3x the coverage.
  8. promower

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    I pay less then 400.00 per year through American Family Ins. I'm not sure if they are in your area though.
  9. work_it

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    Thanks guys, I'll check those out. I am a former member of the U.S. Army, and love the opportunities that status gives me. Thanks sildoc for that heads up.
  10. turkp15

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    I pay $385 a year with nationwide insurance for $1mil.

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