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    one real quick question... i have insurance with the same people who i go through for my truck insurance. but i was wondering if you can go through someone else just for business insurance.

    like i have state farm for truck and co...

    but can i have like state farm for truck and allstate for business?

    im just wondering if its possible and if they'll let you. i know i should just call but they arnt open at 10pm and im to anxious to wait to call. and im to lazy to delete what ive already written, lol. boy im tired...

    but reason i want to switch is because when i first got my insurance they were TOTAL DIX to me, and i know if something ever happens they will be even worse...

    the conversation went like this:

    Me: Hi, i have insurance with you guys on my truck, and i would like to get lawn service insurance
    Her: sorry we only have insurance for landscaping
    Me: well other lawnservice companys that i know go through you guys and pay $60 a month for 300k$ policy
    Her: i just told you we only do landscaping
    me: well let me get it for landscaping atleast
    her: well sense you just said you do lawnservice i cant help you
    me: LOOK, i own my company, premier landscaping, me do landscaping too, and if i hit my bobcat into a truck i dont want to be sol, and if i run a lawnmower into siding i WONT call you guys, please let me just get landscaping insurance then
    her: let me talk to someone else about it
    me: ok

    she comes back and says:

    her: we only do lawnservice not landscaping
    me: okay, well let me get that and forget the landscaping insurance, and i wont come crying to you if a bobcat hits a car. but i will if my mower hits someones siding
    her: sorry but you already told me your company is called premier landscaping.

    now is where she really pissed me off...

    she says " i suggust you change your name then to something other than the word landscaping and we can help you!"

    then i just hung up on her and called back a few days later and got it without a problem.

    can u belive she had the nerve to say some of that stuff....

    but i know if i have a problem someday itll be hard to get my moneys worth through them, so i want to switch.
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    Why not call Safeco or a similar insurance carrier that deals with this industry. If you are concerned about price, cheaper policy rates dont always cover all of your business assets or liability. Ask them to fax a copy of a policy, with the coverages that your business needs.
  3. Tharrell

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    I have state farm on my truck and I agree with you. They won't write a policy for business unless you can prove you've been in business for 3 years. I went to a nationwide guy today and he looks at me like I was buying a used car with bad credit. Any question you ask on this site you get the same response, "Talk to an agent". I know specifics need to be answered by an agent but come on, give us a break. I think 3/4 of those that say ask an agent or ask your accountant can't answer because they don't have insurance or an accountant.
  4. TSM

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    no law says you need to have all your insurances thru one company/agency.

    many times you MIGHT get a bit of a break in premiums because you carry everything thru one agency.

    we're in can spend your money where ever you wish!

    we have had MANY conversations with insurace agents similar to yours. Most dont have a clue!!! Our problems were with workers comp. took many conversations, most were heated, to get them to understand we know what we are talking about. you should aslo join your state 'green association' they will help you out in these types of situation. Our association even got on the phone with our agent to straighten them out on workes comp rates. just because they sell insurance, doesnt mean they know what they are selling!!!
    So we play hard ball..."i want to talk to the owner, not a secretary or file clerk or desk clerk...only the owner or you can pull out all our insurance coverages and cancel them...we'll just take our business across the street (insurance agencies are like duncan donuts....theres one on every corner!)"

    we now have ONE contact person at our agency that handles all our insurance and we get treated like royalty.

    Never let any insurance agency act like they have you by the croutch! Fact is, you pay the premiums so you should act like you have them by the croutch.

    just my .02cents. I treat the bank the same way!
  5. jbell113

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    What do you guys pay a month for insurance?
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Don't use the same company I didn't last year and now I am very happy I didn't. Heres why, my business insurance has started this year sending me audit forms asking all sorts of questions they have no business asking. How much do you make? list every employee you ever had how much did they make? How much over time did you pay? Who are your supliers? Are they all insured if so by whom? And it goes on and on.

    The company is zurich and they can go to hell I am not ever giving them info like that because they ask me too. Which is why I am glad they do not cover all my trucks since I will be telling them off once and for all very shortly and finding some one new. Its good not to have a laps in your truck insurance as for business well its not going to scare me if it laps but i will try to get a new pimp in place before it does.
  7. Grassmechanic

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    I have Allstate for my vehicles and Safeco for my business.
  8. ljvhulst

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    Maybe I can help. Was a liscensed insurance agent for over 10 years and specialized in commercial insurance. Have a CIC ( Certified Insurance Counselor) designation and now do insurance consulting work .

    You can insure your trucks and business on seperate policies however you could potentially leave gaps in your coverage. Your biggest problem is your insurance carrier and agent. State Farm is a monoliine insurance carrier ( only have one company to provide coverage). There agents are great for writing your personal auto policy but have little or no expertise in the commerical area.

    Look for an independent insurance agency in your area. They represent a multitude of insurance companies. They could provide you quotes and coverage comparisions from number of carriers. Your agent is also very important in your overall insurance program. Find someone who has expertise in this area and that you can trust.

    Hope that helps.

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