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    What would you suggest for the min. amount of insurance a business to carry. Where can I find it and how much $$$ does it cost on average. I am a one man band so keep in mind I don't need any workmans comp. Just curious on what I should carry on my self, equip., and liability so if any thing happens to a persons house like a broken window from flying rocks, broken sprinklers head, or even to go so far as if you fried someones yard due to to muck fertilizer.

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    500,000 min. get a good commercial account, raise it, a window is the least of concerns, shoot a rock thru a car driving by & hit the driver in the head, knock him out he crashes a school bus, opps, hello time for a big liability policy, or slide off a slippery hill side in to a parked porche or my truck, thats when you need good coverage. as for cost, hard to tell, experiance plays a big role in just getting a policy started, its harder depending on what services are being performed, overhead tree work & snowplowing both are very high liability, find a good agent, be sure to tell all you intend to do, anything not on the policy is not covered. payup
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    Well if you dont have commercial you can probably get away with $300,000, I personally carry $1,000,000 through a company called Hartford, I just went to my Allstate agent, it's about $900 a year, good luck, just remember having anything is better than none.... :cool2:
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    When i got my insurance beginning of 2003, the price between $500,000 and $1 million was only somethin like $50 per year. It was a no-brainer. Even if it was two or three, four whatever times that $50 it is still worth it to me. It is not uncommon for me to be working on a property worth at least $500k empty, plus all their possessions, cars, etc. PLUS the people on the property. What if i'm out of town and doing a leaf cleanup, my mower catches on fire, all the leaves in the yard spread the fire and the whole place burns up before the fire department can get there and stop it. Then what? $500k is nothing in today's world, definately go for $1 million, or even better if you can/feel like it ($1 million should be plenty on a residential but if you do commercials $2 mil isn't a bad idea probably, I could be overestimating here but it never hurts and if you used it you would be glad you did it).
    As for prices and everything, it all varies on the carrier, provider, you (age, record, etc) and what you are covering in the policy.

    Oh- my insurance is through a local carrier. The provider is Erie Insurance.
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    i have gl for 2000000 for 166.66 a month+166.00 for truck

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